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If American pizazz usually trumps Viennese style in CFO's shows, you have to admire their fidelity to the original texts, not to mention the spirit and dedication of the performers. They include singers from the Lyric Opera and Chicago Symphony choruses, and orchestral players from the Civic Orchestra of Chicago augmented by area freelance musicians.

Both the Libertyville-born Kelly (the troupe's executive director) and Frantzen hold masters of music degrees and studied voice in Europe. They met in 1996 while they were performing with the operetta ensemble Ohio Light Opera in Wooster, Ohio. They were married two years later and have spent the better part of the last decade singing with the Chicago Symphony Chorus. Frantzen also sang for nine years with the Lyric Opera Chorus.

The constantly evolving, always intimate art of Patricia Barber never ceases to surprise.

On Monday night, Barber returned to her weekly engagement at the Green Mill Jazz Club , where she has been in residence for years. This time was special, though, and not only because she was returning from...

The mom and pop entrepreneurs aren't a bit ashamed to admit they run their not-for-profit out of the basement of their Oak Park home. They are CFO's entire staff, and neither draws a salary. "Everything we do is a labor of love," Kelly remarks.

You better believe it. Virtually every cent of the operating budget – about $110,000 for the three shows the company is producing this year – goes toward the singers, chorus, orchestra, production team and music director Anthony Barrese, plus hall and score rentals and miscellaneous expenses.

Support comes from the Pauls Foundation, Richard Driehaus Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation, along with private donations and contributions from the company's seven board members.

"With us it's really all about the projects," Frantzen says. "Not many companies could do such large-scale works on a budget like ours."

Everyone in the folks operetta orbit pitches in. Frantzen and Hersh Glagov, the couple's next-door neighbor in Oak Park, typically spend long evenings working on English translations for current and future shows. "I call him over when I need him," Frantzen remarks.

The directors audition about 200 singers a season for roles in the company's shows. "We hear everybody from music theater-trained singers and actors to classically trained perfomers – we need both types in our shows," Kelly explains. "And we expect our singers to be good dancers as well."

"Many people have the misconception that because our shows have lighter subject matter they are easy to do," says Frantzen. "But oftentimes these works are just as challenging to produce as 'serious' operas."

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WATCH LIVE: House Democrats discuss introduction of bill aiming to prevent Russian interference in the U.S. election

April 16, 2018 9:54 pm
Updated: April 17, 2018 1:55 pm
By Jill Serjeant The Associated Press

And the Pulitzer Prize for music goes to Kendrick Lamar. Music expert Eric Alper talks about rap going mainstream.


California rapper Kendrick Lamar on Monday became the first rapper to win the Pulitzer Prize for music, one of the most prestigious arts awards in the United States.

Lamar , 30, won the Pulitzer for his 2017 album DAMN . and was also the first music winner in the 100-year history of the Pulitzers to come from outside of the world of classical or jazz.

READ MORE: Kendrick Lamar opens Grammy Awards with politically charged performance

Rap officially surpassed rock in 2017 as the biggest music genre in the United States.

Lamar ‘s fusion of jazz, poetry and blues with social themes and love songs has made him one of the most innovative rappers of his generation.

The Pulitzer board on Monday hailed DAMN. , which was released in April 2017, as “a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.”

Previous Pulitzer music winners include jazz musicians Wynton Marsalis and Ornette Coleman.

READ MORE: Subject of Pulitzer prize photograph shares her story

DAMN. , Lamar ‘s fourth album deals with religion, love, personal struggles and racial politics. It topped the Billboard 200 album charts for three weeks on its release last year and powered Lamar to five wins at the Grammy Awards in New York in January.

But the album failed to win the top Grammy prize – album of the year – in what was seen as a snub by music industry voters for the rap genre despite its rising popularity.

Only two hip-hop albums have ever won the Grammy for album of the year: Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in 1999 and Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2004.

Lamar was born and raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Compton, the home of hip-hop pioneers NWA, and started making music as a 16-year-old.

He also produced the soundtrack for the 2018 superhero box-office hit film Black Panther , and performed the lead single Pray For Me with The Weeknd.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Types of Finger Patterns: systematic drawings with boldly traced type lines.

Detailed examination of the friction ridge skin also reveals that ridge path, in most instances, is not continuous across the entire surface of a finger. Some ridges, called ending ridges, will flow and abruptly come to an end, while other ridges, called dividing ridges or bifurcations, will flow and separate into two separate and distinct ridges. Additionally, some ridges are as long as they are wide and are called dots [ 3 ]. These ridge events are commonly referred to as characteristics or minutiae, and their spatial relationship to one another in a friction ridge impression is the basis for fingerprint comparison and identification. An arch has ridges that enter from one side of the pattern, make a wave in the middle, and pass out the opposite side from which they entered. In a whorl, the friction ridges tend to have a circular or spiral ridge flow. It is important for an examiner to note the ridge flow of a print for orientation purposes and the recognition of focal areas that will ultimately assist in the identification process. While pattern configuration alone cannot be used for individualization, it can be used for exclusionary decisions made by an examiner [ 3 ].

Fingerprints fall into three categories: latent, known, and plastic impressions. A latent fingerprint is the two-dimensional reproduction of the friction ridges of the finger on an object by means of perspiration, oils, or other contaminants that coat the surface of the ridges when a finger touches an item. These types of prints generally must be made visible through the use of forensic technology such as alternate light sources, chemical techniques, or fingerprint powders. In some instances, latent prints can be visualized without the use of any fingerprint processing techniques and are called patent prints. Latent impressions are deposited by chance and are usually fragmentary in nature with varying degrees of quality. Alternatively, a known fingerprint is the intentional reproduction of the friction ridges of the finger onto a fingerprint card or appropriate contrasting surface [ 4 ]. A known exemplar can be recorded using a number of standard techniques, to include black printer's ink, inkless/chemical methods, and Live scan, which is a computer-based system that creates digital fingerprint images by scanning the fingers. Finally, a plastic print is an impression left in a malleable substrate, such as wax or putty, which retains an image of the friction ridge arrangement [ 4 ]

The ever increasing pattern of crime has made fingerprinting an indispensable tool in the hands of investigating officers. If the sex of the individual is established with certainty, the burden of the investigating officer would be reduced by half. In this context, sex based differences in fingerprint patterns and the density of the finger ridges becomes relevant. Sex differences in fingerprint ridge density are highly individualistic and forms the basis for personal identification in forensic examination these days. Recent studies have reported that females have a significantly higher ridge density than males [ 5 , Bardot Midi Dress In Tonal Delicate Sequin With Tulle Skirt Black Maya Maternity PNlIuK
, 7 ] . The higher ridge density is female has been attributed to the level of ridge thickness and it is opined that females tend to have finer epidermal ridges details. Consequently, the females have significantly higher ridge density than male in a given area [ 8 ] . Jantz [ 9 ], found sex and race differences in finger ridge count correlations. Moore [ 11 ] mentions that females have finer epidermal ridge detail than males and Okajima [ 10 ] found fork index to be higher in female fingerprints when compared to males [ 6 ]. The degree of ridge densities can be used as a presumptive indicator of sex of an unkown print left at a crime scene [ 5 , 12 ].

Walt Disney World ® Resort, Florida

Join the Disney Princesses for an amazing run on the most magical course on Earth!

Gather your fellow Princesses and Princes for a magical 13.1 miles through Walt Disney World ® Resort for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! This spectacular race will feature some of your favorite Disney characters on course as you journey through Walt Disney World ® Theme Parks toward the finish line where you'll receive a medal fit for royalty.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Highlights:

Disney Princess Half Marathon Participants Receive:


Disney Princess Enchanted 10K presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Saturday, February 23, 2019

5:30 a.m.

Get ready for a royal journey through Walt Disney World ® Resort for the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K. There will be plenty of Disney entertainment along the way with some of your favorite Disney characters cheering you on as you race toward the fairy-tale finish.

Disney Princess Enchanted 10K Highlights:

10K Participants Receive:


Disney Fairy Tale Challenge presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Saturday, February 23 - Sunday, February 24, 2019

This 19.3-mile royal running adventure combines two days of magical runs including the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K followed by the Disney Princess Half Marathon. If you finish both races within the pacing requirements, you will be awarded the Disney Fairy Tale Challenge finisher medal in addition to your Half Marathon and 10K finisher medals.

You must register for the Disney Fairy Tale Challenge to receive the Fairy Tale Challenge medal upon completion of both races within the pacing requirements.

Disney Fairy Tale Challenge Highlights:

Disney Fairy Tale Challenge Participants Receive:


Disney Princess 5K presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Friday, February 22, 2019

Here's a royal opportunity for everyone to share the magic during the Disney Princess 5K through Walt Disney World ® Resort. Princesses and Princes (ages 5 and older) and their families are invited to take part in all the racing fun on a spectacular 3.1-mile course. The race wraps up with a storybook finish where participants receive their very own Disney Princess-themed medal! Beginners, intermediates, even experienced racers are invited to share the magic in the Disney Princess 5K.


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