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Need to hire a musician or ensemble to perform at an event? Interested in learning to play an instrument? The University of Maryland School of Music makes it simple to hire student performers and instructors through the Hire Notes booking platform.

To get started, submit a booking request on Hire Notes by clicking the button below. Hire Notes lets you manage your booking. It will get published to students and available students will express interest through the platform. You can also get in touch through Hire Notes or at 6 hole Cavallo boots Black C Diem pjx8sucTyl

H Book now

All inquiries, arrangements, and payments are to be made directly between the client and the musician(s). Rates and availability will vary. The School of Music does not guarantee musicians for any booking requests.

Available instruments and ensembles



French Horn






Double Bass

Voice: soprano

Voice: mezzo-soprano/alto

Voice: tenor

Voice: baritone-bass

Jazz: guitar

Jazz: saxophone

Jazz: trumpet

Jazz: trombone

Jazz: drums

Jazz: piano

Jazz: bass

Conducting (orchestral, wind, and choral)


...and more!

Individuals can set up a variety of ensembles using these instruments, including examples like:

Wind Trio

Wind Quintet

String Trio

String Quartet

Jazz combo

Vocal ensemble

Percussion ensemble

Instrument or voice with piano

Our students are active performers and teachers throughout metro DC/Baltimore, and many also play other instruments in a variety of styles. All requests are welcome.

HireNotes FAQ

Pricing : Prices for performance events vary widely according to the specific details of your event, the distance to be traveled, and the individual musician or ensemble's pricing. A good starting point is at least $150 per musician per hour.


Prices for lessons vary along the same criteria. A good starting point is between $50-80 per hour.

Timelines : It's best to submit your request for an event booking at least one month in advance, but if you have a last minute request it's still worth a try!


Support : Your listing will be published directly to students, who will then get in touch with you through the platform. If you have questions about the process you can contact Hire Notes support through the platform, or email us at SneakElyse platform shoes Metallic Stella McCartney g5283KDBSZ

Kotler and Lee divided product strategy into 3 components: the core product is the desired benefit from the public health perspective; the actual product is the desired product or behavior from the potential customer or participant's perspective; and the augmented product is the tangible objects and services that support the behavioral change. 7 In EC, the core product is increased physical, social, and cognitive activity, whereas the actual product provides older adults an opportunity to give back to the community. EC, which is the augmented product, was designed as both a health promotion intervention and a program to improve academic outcomes among children 5 , 6 ( FOOTWEAR Sandals ME BY MARC ELLIS HxBjLue

Core product.

Although there is evidence supporting the health benefits of physical activity for all ages, the direct promotion of physical activity has had limited effectiveness. For example, the US Preventive Services Task Force has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to recommend counseling adult patients to promote physical activity in primary care settings. The designers of EC theorized that a minimum of 15 hours of volunteering a week would promote a significant amount of physical activity through travel to and from, as well as activity within, a school. In 1999 and 2000, a 1-year pilot randomized controlled trial conducted in Baltimore City provided the initial evidence that EC could increase physical, as well as social and cognitive, activity. There is additional evidence of the long-term benefit of participation in EC, as African American women in EC reported sustained increases in physical activity compared with matched controls over a 3-year period. However, in social marketing theory, the core product is not what is actually marketed, and the importance of physical, social, or cognitive activity was not used as a recruitment message in the BECT.

Actual product.

The actual product that is marketed through EC is generative fulfillment. Generativity has been described by Erikson as a developmental stage that begins in middle age and is characterized by the desire to leave a legacy and contribute to the next generation. In the pilot trial, 64% volunteered “to help children.” This generative message may be particularly attractive to “natural helpers”—community individuals to whom people naturally turn for advice or assistance.

Augmented product.

EC represents a high-intensity model of older adult volunteering that was specifically designed to promote physical activity (as well as cognitive and social activity) and to improve academic and behavioral outcomes among the schoolchildren. Social marketing can work in concert with community development to create sustained behavioral change. To help sustain this high level of volunteer commitment, the augmented product supports the volunteers in a number of ways. All volunteers complete a 30-hour training program, are placed in a school with a critical mass of 20 older adults to provide social support, and are managed primarily by the program to minimize the school's administrative burden. The augmented product, which has been described as a social model for health promotion, was designed to have a community-level effect. In this regard, EC operates very much like an “informal helper intervention,” by recruiting volunteers, creating opportunities for neighbors to interact, and linking “natural helpers” to formal volunteering. Although volunteering is associated with improved health outcomes in many observational studies, the increased physical activity observed in EC may not extend to other volunteer programs.


Within the proposed conceptual framework, price represents the cost of replacing a sedentary or inactive lifestyle with high-intensity volunteering. Two previous national demonstrations of Experience Corps (outside Baltimore City) determined that an incentive stipend was essential for the recruitment and retention of volunteers in a high-intensity program. BECT participants in the intervention arm receive a monthly stipend that helps to reimburse the costs incurred through participation. Although the stipend was conditioned on 15 hours a week of volunteer time, older adults in the pilot trial provided an average of 22 hours a week, despite lack of additional reimbursement ( bow detail dress Green Steffen Schraut l67U8
). The recruitment material mentions that those who volunteer in the schools will receive a small stipend, but we minimized the stipend in our recruitment message as we sought to recruit older adults with generative, rather than economic, motives.

Participation in the BECT adds an additional “cost”: participants must agree to be randomly assigned to either EC or to the control arm. We compensated all participants with $25 for each in-person evaluation and a $10 dollar gift card for each over-the-phone interview.


Place represents where the target behavior is performed. In the BECT, recruitment materials include images of older adults in school settings. Volunteers in EC perform needed roles in urban public elementary schools, which are typically underfunded and overextended; recruiters would reference preliminary data from previous studies that demonstrated the potential for improved reading outcomes among children in schools participating with EC ( Figure 1 ). Volunteer roles in EC were purposefully designed to be valued by school principals and feasible and attractive to older adults with a wide variety of educational levels. The roles are particularly suited for “natural helpers” from the community: supporting general literacy and math skills, library and computer laboratory use, and violence prevention through a conflict resolution intervention. African Americans who volunteer are more likely to engage in youth mentoring. EC has demonstrated the ability to attract older African Americans. Programs modeled on EC have the potential to attract older minority adults who are underrepresented in traditional public health interventions and are at higher risk for poor health outcomes.


Promotion reflects the messages and recruitment strategies used to reach the intended audience. In BECT, the recruitment messages reflected the actual product of older adult generative activity. We chose “Share your wisdom” and “Do you want to make a difference?” as the main recruitment messages. When possible, we included images of older adults engaged in intergenerational activities in school settings, as an example of “social proof” or evidence of similar older adults engaging in volunteer activity in public schools. Recruitment material stated that the purpose of randomization was to enable the BECT to determine the health benefits of volunteering. However, the potential health benefits of the program were not used as a recruitment message.

Recruitment strategies included “personal media channels” such as word-of-mouth recruitment through the social networks, as people are more likely to say yes to a request from someone they know and like. We also used “selective media channels” such as church bulletins, community outreach talks (during which we handed out brochures and left posters), and direct mailings through formal social networks such as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the Baltimore City Employees Retirement Systems. Emergent “natural helpers” were identified and served as recruitment ambassadors by speaking about the importance of the trial at community outreach talks. Finally, we instituted a mass media campaign that included radio advertisements on local gospel radio, along with press releases that led to public interest articles in both newspapers and local TV. Although it was impossible to control for the message provided word of mouth, this primarily generative message was reinforced by recruiters. We included the secondary messages of studying the benefits of volunteering and the concept of randomization as early as possible in the recruitment process.

Recruitment materials publicized a recruitment phone number that prospective participants could call to initiate a 5-step recruitment process, which has been previously described. The first step entailed screening potential volunteers in a telephone interview. Recruitment data collected at this step included initial contact information and demographic data, along with health status and information regarding how a prospective participant received information about the trial and what interested the participant about volunteering. Participants were allowed to list more than 1 source of information and reason for participating. Interested participants were invited to the second step, an in-person information meeting. Those who remained interested in participating in the BECT were then invited to join the trial and were scheduled for a baseline evaluation, the third step, where eligibility was established. Eligibility requirements for the BECT included being aged 60 years or older, a Mini-Mental Status Exam score of 24 or above, and a minimum sixth-grade reading level. Additional data were collected at the baseline evaluation, including self-reported income, comorbid conditions, mobility-associated disability, and physical activity. Eligible individuals were randomized after the baseline assessment. The recruitment and evaluation staff described randomization during the telephone screening, at the in-person information meeting, and again prior to consent. Those randomly assigned to the intervention received a background check (fourth step) prior to training (fifth step).


We analyzed the baseline characteristics of 368 individuals who responded in the first year of recruitment and were eligible for the BECT, and of 155 who were randomly assigned to the intervention arm or control arm, stratifying by recruitment strategy. Analyses were done using SAS version 9.2 (SAS Institute Inc, Cary, NC). We explored whether individuals who were recruited differed by recruitment strategy or by reason for interest in participation from those declining to participate in the study, using independent tests for continuous variables and the χ test for categorical variables. We categorized the reasons for participating into the following motives: altruism, ideology, material reward, status, social relationships, leisure activity, and personal growth.

Separate stratified analyses were done among those who reported only 1 recruitment strategy and those who reported more than 1. A series of independent tests (continuous variables) or χ tests (dichotomous variables) were used to examine differences between recruited participants and those who declined participation, according to how they were recruited (recruitment strategy) and the number of recruitment strategies reported.

9567322 Womens Boots Rieker 0lNQ2A20i

A total of 469 potential participants were screened in the first year of recruitment. Of these, 368 were eligible by age and able to volunteer 15 hours a week. A total of 155 were recruited successfully, with 213 either declining to proceed with randomization or ineligible for participation at the baseline evaluation. Of those recruited, the average age was 69 years, 85% were women, 87% were African American, and 43% had more than a high school education. There were no significant differences between recruited participants and those who were screened but not recruited into the trial ( Shape Mix Ad Mens Rider 5UyrcBk7Dg
). Recruited participants self-reported an average of 4000 kcal of activity a week, or 48 kcal/kg of body weight per week, which is comparable to prior reports of older African American adults. Ruffled Velvettrimmed Crepe Halterneck Mini Dress Black Michael Kors wmOi3kcw
Additional baseline characteristics are provided in Table 2 .

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